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A photo every day for an entire year. Four books. Four seasons.

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The first book in the SEASONS series. Starts shipping early December! Get yours in time for Christmas! ūüéĄūüéĀ

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Season 1 of 4: 90 Days of Summer

"From curated perfection to honest progression"
Follow Ryan on his journey to progress as a photographer by taking a photo every day of every season for an entire year. The SEASONS series begins with 90 Days of Summer - a photo a day through an idyllic summer filled with sunshine, sand, surf and thunderstorms. 

How Many Pages? 128 :)
What's in it? First and foremost it's photo every single day of the Australian Summer 2016/17. Each photo timestamped with the exact moment it was taken. The book is generously sprinkled with honest stories, musings and captions.
Paper, what kind? Printed on lovely 140gsm woodfree paper.
How BIG though? 230mm x 190mm (9.1" x 7.5").
Anything else?¬†The photos in this book are¬†mostly shot on the device you are probably¬†holding right now to read this‚Ķ (an Ô£Ņ¬†iPhone).
Shipping? $5 USA & AUS only.
SHIPPING EARLY DECEMBER (in time for Christmas¬†ūüéĄūüéĀ)


The "Seasons" collection.

Four books. Four seasons. A photo-a-day for an entire year by Ryan Pernofski. Each book will be delivered to your door on release! Order now for the early-supporters, discounted price of $79.

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Four Books. Four Seasons.

SUMMER edition releasing Dec 2017.
AUTUMN: March 2018.
WINTER: June 2018.
SPRING: September 2018.

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All four 'Seasons' books - delivered to your door once released!

SUMMER Edition - December 2017
AUTUMN Edition - March 2018
WINTER Edition - June 2018
SPRING Edition - September 2018

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Order now for the early-supporters discounted price $79.