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Season 1 of 4: 90 Days of Summer

Season 1 of 4: 90 Days of Summer

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Season 1 of 4: 90 Days of Summer

"From curated perfection to honest progression"
Follow Ryan on his journey to progress as a photographer by taking a photo every day of every season for an entire year. The SEASONS series begins with 90 Days of Summer - a photo a day through an idyllic summer filled with sunshine, sand, surf and thunderstorms. 

Page Count: 128 :)
What's in it? First and foremost it's photo every single day of the Australian Summer 2016/17. Each photo is time stamped with the exact moment it was taken. This book is also generously sprinkled with honest stories, musings and captions.
Paper Stock: Printed on lovely 140gsm woodfree paper.
How BIG though? 230mm x 190mm (9.1" x 7.5").
Anything else? The photos in this book are mostly shot on the device you are probably holding right now to read this… (an  iPhone).
Shipping? $7 USA and $10 worldwide. 
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