Summer Storm | Day 30 | Hanging Oak Frame

Summer Storm | Day 30 | Hanging Oak Frame

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Summer Storm | Tasman Oak Hanging Frame | 406mm x 304mm (16" x 12")

Day 30 of 90 Days of Summer 8:07pm. This was still to this day of THE craziest storms I have ever seen in my life. The hotter the day the better the storm. This storm rolled in quickly with thick black clouds and flooded my friends house with rain before we could get back from a lovely summer afternoon BBQ. After the rain passed the lightning on the horizon was surreal, so I stood out the front and snapped away on my iPhone, and when this fork of lightning met up perfectly with the rainbow, I couldn't believe what I saw in my camera roll. Did I just get it???


This LIMITED EDITION print comes ready-to-hang with a wooden push pin! Handmade in Australia by Ryan Pernofski. Carefully rolled & wrapped in "Seasons" tissue paper & shipped to you in a tube!

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